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Learn About Us

Cae Felin CSA was established in 2000 by Jane Doe as a means of creating a more engaged community and practicing modern gardening techniques. We’re a local Community Garden that works towards bringing the community of San Francisco together. We work hard to create a healthy and sustainable garden that everyone can benefit from. Cae Felin CSA is continuing to grow at an incredible rate, and we love seeing the changes in both our garden and community with each passing day.

Community Garden

The History of Our Community Garden

Cae Felin CSA began in 2000 when Jane Doe realized the impact that community gardens could have on San Francisco residents. Ever since we began, we’ve been lucky to have the full support of the local community. We’re happy to accept any kind of assistance from community members of all ages. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to volunteer or you’d like to make a monetary contribution, we’d love for you to be a part of our community garden’s history.

Vegetable Picking

Our Philosophy

Cae Felin CSA started out as a dream brought to life in 2000 by Jane Doe. Since then, our Community Garden has grown and prospered to become the amazing space it is today. We aim to bring the community members of San Francisco together to build a local garden that will help feed the hungry and serve as a means of improving the community’s access to nutritional and natural food.

Community Gardening
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