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Support From Our Partners

Friends of the Community Garden

Our sponsors and partners are at the heart of everything we do here at Cae Felin CSA. Thanks to countless local and regional sponsors who’ve supported us over the years, we’ve been able to grow and maintain the beautiful and healthy Community Garden we have today. Read on to see how you can become a sponsor.

Client 2


A Happy Sponsor

Hexa has been a major supporter of Cae Felin CSA since our establishment in 2000. There’s no question that we would not have come this far without the support of a dedicated partner such as Hexa.

Client 3


A Proud Partner

Targo is definitely one of our most valued partners. Always looking out for us and making sure we’re able to stay open and free to the public, Targo has made an incredible difference in our community.

Client 5


A Special Supporter

We’re grateful towards the people who have supported Cae Felin CSA over the years through sponsorships and partnerships. Hera has definitely made it easier for us to thrive and expand with their generous donations and unwavering support.

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